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Expand Your Outdoor Living Space with Quality, Design & Value.

Attached 20 x 20  Flat Panel Patio Cover with a Cedar Wood Look.

3 x 8 aluminum beam with a steel 3 x 8 steel beam insert hidden inside.

Perfect Spot to Entertain your Company, Barbecue or Enjoy the Day !!!

Standard Heavy Duty Patio Cover.  Perfect for the Mountain Weather !

.030 Gauge W Panel  is 30 pound snow load per square foot and 100 mph winds with a projection up to 12 feet.  Longer projections require I Beams  and Posts. 

If you are in the east mountains we recommend .038 Gauge W Panel Covers.

Bay Window Awning    Carport with Sunshade    Patio Cover / Awnings

Home Based Business Working  Albuquerque & Surrounding Area Since 1985

Licensed Contractor on job site making sure that all installations are done to the New Mexico Building Code and Manufacturers  Engineering  Specifications.  

All our customers are happy with the work and products that they are paying for.  

Superior products make us the preferred provider of patio enhancement systems.

We Aim to Please Our Customers !!!

Family Business Doing Work with Pride and Honor

Our Aluminum Covers are Made in the USA

Is your Yard on the  North, East or Southeast side ?  

You might consider a partial shade Patio Cover to Enhance your House.                     Our Lattice Cover or Solid Cover comes in Multiple Styles to Accent your Home. Covers can be Attached to House, Building, Mobile Home or Free Standing.

Do you have a hot window or door?  Window Awning or Door Hood would Help. 

Simple standard type Patio Cover or a beautiful  shaded Lattice style cover will beat the heat off the west or south side of your home making your whole house more comfortable while expanding your outdoor living space.  Enjoy your Home !

Need a shaded place to park your expensive Boat, Car, Truck, Trailer or RV ? 

A Carport will protect your investment and add Value to your Home or Property !

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Bay Window Aluminum Awnings keeps this south facing room cool.

Louvers are slightly open on awnings so when you walk up to the window you will still be able to look outside but not have the hot sun baking your room.

You are looking at 3 window awnings professionally installed on Home.

Patio Covers in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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