Aluminum Awning FAQs

Color Choices

Alumawood Covers have a choice of 6 popular designer colors with matching Gutter, Fascia, Beams and Posts.

W Panel Patio Covers or Carports come in white or neutral for roof panels. Gutter and fascia are white or mill finish. Posts are neutral or white. Trim can be painted to match existing trim on home or add a Alumawood wrap kit to enhance your W panel cover.

Metal Thickness and Strength

There are several factors with the strength of an aluminum awning or patio cover. Metal gauge is the most important factor. (.018, .024, .030, .032, .040 .042) gauges depending on span, snow load or wind load. We use .030 gauge or better on our patio cover installations. Steel posts instead of aluminum posts can be installed to improve snow and wind loads also. I Beam, or C Beams can be used to give 20’ wide spacing on posts for patio covers or carports. I Beam, or C Beam can also be installed for longer projections on all patio covers or carports. Awnings, Carports, Patio Covers and Pergolas must be installed to factory specs to make sure they hold up to the weather and high winds we have here in New Mexico.

Aluminum Roof Panels

There are several styles of roof panels available. W panels come in several sizes and are the most economical for shade. (2 ¼”x 12”, 2 ½”x 24”, 3” x 12”, 3 ½” x 12”) We also have Flat panel Alumawood panels that are 2”x 6” with a cedar wood grained look. This style of roof panel makes a nice flat surface on the underside for a very nice and clean look. Insulated Solid Roof panels can have fan beams for ceiling fans and accepts skylights too. Louvered Aluminum awning panels that move to adjust light or shade with full control. Pergola Covers so you have the option to have full or partial Shade in 2” or 3” wide tubes or solid roof panels all in aluminum cedar wood grained look with no maintenance.

Do you need a concrete slab?

A concrete slab is not a necessity, we can dig holes and set posts in concrete or use a steel safety stake cemented in ground and bolt posts to safety stake. Posts set in concrete are always stronger than bolting to existing cement pad. We will bolt to existing cement pad if concrete is good. On Carports we cut through existing cement pads and set posts 32” plus deep in cement.


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