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Beautiful Window Awnings

Awnair Awnings professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you choose the aluminum awning best suited to your needs and window décor. Our window awnings can be custom built to meet your size or style. Window awnings can be installed at any angle to block the sun from the outside before it can heat your home or fade your belongings. Window awnings are a great investment. They provide the best shade coverage for maximum comfort, add a decorative touch to your home, and can significantly reduce your air conditioning usage.

Panorama open louver aluminum awnings are most popular are slightly open so when you walk up to your window you can still see out without ducking down, but you don’t have the hot sun baking the glass of your windows heating your home.

Zenith closed louver aluminum awnings keeps the sun from baking your glass and helps cool your home.

Aurora Awnings are solid with sides and block out the most sunlight but you need to duck down to see out the window if you are taller. They Block the most light. They come in different drops and projections depending on north, east, south, or west facing windows.

We also have pergola type aluminum awnings that gives your windows partial shade with a wood look.

Available in

  • Oven baked pre painted aluminum
  • Several colors to choose from

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